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Mission: Kimberly Warmsley is on a mission to empower, inspire, and heal the mindset of men and women across the globe, helping them become the best version of themselves. As a survivor, she has comprehensively formulated the lessons and strategies learned professionally, clinically, educationally, and through life experience into meaningful lessons for all. Her unique person-centered, transformative, trauma-informed, strength-based, and culturally rooted practice has allowed clients to hone their strengths and harness that energy to produce tangible results. Kimberly is committed to helping people in their personal or professional capacity to identify their purpose and achieve their passions and dream(s).


Kimberly has over 13 years of clinical services to at-risk children and families within our community. Kimberly brings a wealth of clinical knowledge, personal experience, and professionalism into each session. She has extensive experience working with substance abuse, grief and loss, depression, family systems issues, anxiety, trauma, ADHD or ADD, mood disorders, and crisis management. It is Kimberly’s goal to listen, help process and introduce coping skills that can help you in your day-to-day life. Please accept this warm welcome and invitation to come and talk about any issues that matter to you.

“If you don’t change your life in a meaningful and intentional way, you will never achieve your fullest potential. Only when you truly love yourself are you truly able to love others. There is power in healing. Your time is now. Prioritize your emotional heal and wellness today.” – Kimberly Warmsley, LCSW #86339